We are featuring little known charities which have small budgets. Our purpose is to draw attention to some of the charitable work that is being done on behalf of the wider community by dedicated people. We are not trying to raise donations for them but we are providing links to their websites,  so that where possible, you are able to contribute easily if you wish. Please send us your own ideas for featuring other small charities. We are particularly interested in any local ones.

The first charity featured here is Lupus UK which is the only national charity supporting people with Lupus. They have only 7500 members. There priorities are to help Lupus patients who feel alone or isolated, help with those seeking diagnosis, help to improve awareness of the lupus and to finally to fund research into its causes and a cure. To learn more about the charity click here

Lupus UK

 Lupus is a little known illness. The symptoms of Lupus are detailed here .

 Its effect on the body is shown here

There are many ways you can support this charity other than donating. They urgently need volunteers for events and many of the existing members suffer from Lupus and cannot always give support. You may be able to offer other skills that could be used on a committee: there are plenty of roles and lots of friendly people to meet whilst giving support.


A second charity nearby in Holmeswood is the Woodland Animal Sanctuary

The sanctuary is a charitable trust set up to care for unwanted and neglected farm animals, small domestic animals and wildlife. Their  main purpose is to relieve suffering and to provide refuge for the care of unwanted and sick animals.  They rehabilitate animals and attempt to secure homes for them. They get no public funds and exist from donations and fund raising, again there are many ways you can help. They are always in need of help to care for the animals, spend time with them groom them etc. For more information click here