As the highway authority for this area, Lancashire County Council is responsible for all highway matters, including speed limits. Click here to see Lancashire County Council guidelines to speed controls. There are two items which currently dominate the issue of speed limits.


The first is a commitment on all highway authorities to review the speed limits on all A and B class roads in their areas by 2011. Lancashire County has already produced its plans for A class roads in West Lancashire and the only change proposed within this Parish is to extend the 30mph limit on Blaguegate Lane to cover the area up to “South West Lancashire Farmers”, where the road name changes to Dickets Lane. There is no change proposed of the existing 40 mph limit on Wigan Road between its junctions with Plough Lane and Lyelake Lane, in spite of the long history of road traffic accidents there. However, there is a possibility of applying an advisory 30mph limit under a separate road safety scheme. The Parish Council awaits a formal consultation on the matter.


The second issue is that of a reduction in the national speed limit on rural roads to 50mph, with provision for lower speed limits where justification can be shown. The Government is currently conducting a consultation exercise and this Parish Council has written to local MP, Rosie Cooper, expressing strong support for the proposal. The national speed limit of 60mph currently applies along most of Spa Lane and a long section of Firswood Road, as well as to a section of Lyelake Lane and Whiteleys Lane. Such a high speed limit encourages reckless driving along roads where pedestrians and cyclists are most vulnerable. This Parish Council supports the efforts of Lathom Parish Council aimed at reducing traffic speeds along Hall Lane, especially close to the primary school and at particular hazards. Where this same road becomes Plough Lane, at its offset junction with Spa Lane and Dicks Lane, further measures are already the subject of a separate safety scheme, on which formal consultation is expected soon.


Whilst generally supporting lower speed limits, this Parish Council is mindful that unrealistically low limits can cause driver frustration and might have an adverse effect. They can also lead to the perception of rural areas becoming urbanised. A proper balance must be struck, therefore.   


Overgrown hedges or verges


With our very busy roads and lanes, overgrown hedges make walking difficult and reduce sight lines for drivers so we have found out what can be done when hedges and verges become overgrown.


West Lancashire District Council (WLDC) is responsible for mowing our roadside verges. They should be mown at least twice a year, in early summer and early autumn. If you notice that they have not been mown, or get badly overgrown between mowings, contact WLDC by telephoning 01695 577177 or emailing customer.services@westlancsdc.gov.uk or via their website using the "contact us" tab at the bottom of the page:   http://www.westlancs.gov.uk


Property owners are responsible for trimming hedges. Farmers mostly employ contractors to do the work for them and it is common for cutting to take place in the early Spring and in the autumn.   However, there are times when growth is quite rapid and strands (especially of bramble) intrude across the footpath. If landowners fail to keep hedges trimmed Lancashire County Council (LCC) will write to remind them and, if necessary, get the work done and bill the owner. However, the process takes some time to complete so don’t expect instant results.


LCC is also responsible for clearing overgrown pavements - so called “siding works”. Last year LCC cleared Lyelake Lane and Plough Lane but people have still reported problems, especially with brambles.


To report problems relating to overgrown hedgerows, highways and footpaths contact Lancashire County Council by telephoning 0845 053 0011or via the website on Lancashire County Council   Often the best way to go direct to information from Lancashire County Council is to access through the Directgov site and use the search button at the top which takes your to the relevant part of the Lancashire website you want. for example type in "hedgerow"  in the search box in the top right hand corner and it takes you to various  problems with hedgerows and gives a link to report it. To access the Directgov site click her

Whenever you report a problem to either council ask for a reference number.

If you experience problems with getting any remedial work completed let us know via the "contact us" tab.


Other Highway problems


LCC is also responsible for highway matters so if you have a problem say with a pothole contact them through the website as above.   The biggest problems seem to arise from the proliferation of HGV's on our rural roads.  Many of these HGV's  are travelling to and from Round O Quarry on Cobbs Brow Lane Newburgh.


 LCC have advised contact details as follows effective 24/05/2015

1.   Telephone: 0300 123 6780, this is a local call rate number, and the line is open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

2.   Email: highways@lancashire.gov.uk. You will be issued with a reference number and if you require an update you can telephone or email and an update will be provided.

3.   Report It: Use our online reporting system at www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads. This map based system will allow you to easily and quickly tell us where and what the fault is. You will be provided with a unique reference number, which you can use to log into the system and track the progress of your report at any time.