Welcome to Lathom South Parish Council Website

Lathom South Parish Council was founded in May 2007. To find out why we were founded click here. The area covered by this parish council can be seen here  with a section of the ordnance survey map hereOur main aim is to pursue changes that will bring real benefit to our residents and protect our environment. We are totally committed  to protecting our Green Belt and the identity of Lathom. This will be reflected in all our comments on planning matters.

This website was created and is maintained at nil cost by councillors , it has been set up as a way to communicate to our residents as effectively as we can. We also intend to continue with the normal methods of communication, such as paper notices and newsletters etc.  The website allows you to tell your elected representatives what concerns you but is not restricted to council business, it also tells you about Lathom.

Use the "Contact Us" link on the left side of this page to send an e-mail to us. We want you to be involved.