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WLBC are changing the bin policy (street bins, dog bins, and it can be seen here:

WLBC have announced that the options referred to below are to be reviewed and less Green Belt will be taken to build houses but they will not give details of the changes stating "The Council has still to complete its review of the comments"  See planning page for more details.

CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money. It was decided to use some of the money from the Community Infrastructure Levy to upgrade the public rights of way throughout the parish. A survey of the public footpaths has been undertaken and can be seen here

Work is ongoing on  this project and there are pictures below of some of the work done. We have made a list of works that we feel cannot be managed by councillors and have requested costings for this work from the authors of the report (TEP The Environment Partnership). We are used the report to as leverage to push Lancashire County Council to undertake repair work listed as Health and Safety issues.

Footpaths and Fingerposts

The photograph below shows local resident Alistair Buckley installing a waymarker post. He was helping Bill Wareing to install two more fingerposts and 14 waymarker posts on our local footpaths. It was very hard work and we are extremely grateful to both for their work. Their attitude of "giving back to the community" is admirable.  Most of our footpaths cross private land and the Parish Council is extremely grateful to local landowners for allowing us to install items.


With the eventual arrival of the better weather in 2021 opportunity was taken to undertake more work to improve our footpath network which has been in much use living with COVID restrictions. The footbridge on footpath FP16 that runs from Whiteleys Lane to Stanley Gate has been replaced at no cost by the two Andrews on the council with the help of Bill Waring. The timbers used are over 100 years old and will be good for another 30 -40 years


Bill Waring also laboured free to install 3 information boards. One board marks the new orchard by Westhead School and the other 2 are on Hollands Lane path and Whiteleys Lane and give detailed guidance of the footpath network with a map, descriptions of the routes and some photos from around the parish.  Photos of the work are below. One immediately below shows the detail of the information board.


A combination above of our Jubilee Bench Fingerpost and information board.


The work has not gone unnoticed, praise has been given from local walking groups and appreciative letters have been in The Champion. So many people have turned to the outdoors during periods of furlough or working from home, so we hope to have enhanced their experience. We want to give walkers confidence that they won’t get lost and are on a legal public footpath. Fingerpost signs and way-markers  guide walkers on their way, and help to ensure that they do not  stray from the designated route and annoy landowners . Unfortunately we have had complaints from landowners about bags of dog pooh being thrown into fields. Please take your dog litter and all litter home and respect the countryside and your parish.

Jubilee Celebration

Lathom South Parish Council has installed a wayside bench for walkers on Halfpenny Lane a public right of way in Lathom, running from Hollands Lane to the Scarth Hill area, (see above picture) with the kind permission of Mrs Hilary Rosbotham, the bench is sited on the corner of Halfpenny Lane, where it meets Hollands Lane.  The bench is the final part of a wider project begun last year to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the bench is embossed to denote this.  A free hedging pack was obtained from the Woodland Trust and this was planted by volunteers along Lyelake Lane and a Royal Oak tree, also donated by the Woodland Trust, was planted alongside the oak bench.  The entire project was completed by the Parish Council with volunteers and the bench was supported by a West Lancashire Borough Council capital grant, so there was very little cost to the residents.

Weary travellers can now take a break and enjoy a picturesque view across the Lathom fields.

Early days of LSPC below when notice boards and village signs were designed created and installed.



Road signs "Welcome to Lathom" have been erected in 11 locations to mark entry into Lathom and to finally establish the full area of Lathom. Again there where many hurdles along the way. Our original plans to have solid cast iron poles had to be reviewed after consultation with the Highways Authority. Being new signs they are subject to the latest Health and Safety guidelines: which means that poles have to bend so that if hit by cars the impact is reduced for the occupants.  We also had to change some of our chosen locations so they did not interfere with other road signs or lines of sight. In some instances they had to be placed on the opposite side of the road, but we had no choice in this. The important thing is that we have established the full area of Lathom. We hope you like the signs.


Signs being made at the workshop