South Lathom Residents Association (SLRA)

Why was the residents association formed ?

At one time the boundaries of Lathom were there for all to see; for instance both the 1846 Map of the Township of Lathom (Lancashire Records Office) and, coming more up to date, the Lathom and Burscough Urban District map, made things very clear. All deeds and land registry documents confirm our Lathom status. However, when Lathom Parish was set up its boundary excluded large parts of Lathom. As a result, this southern part of Lathom was fast losing its identity. There was finally a mood amongst the people that, with the granting of outline planning permission for the XL development ‘off Firswood Road, SKELMERSDALE’, we were gradually being subsumed by Skelmersdale, almost by default. A public meeting was called for the 31st March 2003 to decide a way forward. The Cricket Club was filled with people who had concerns; at this meeting it was decided that the area’s identity needed to be put firmly back into the minds of the decision makers. Various plans of action were suggested and, in order to carry these forward, South Lathom Residents’ Association was formed.

On the 1st July 2003 another public meeting was held and residents decided that they wanted to move forward with the SLRA committee recommendation to set up a Parish Council for the area. SLRA then spent a lot of time petitioning for and setting up the Parish Council; a major point in their petition to Government was the intention to properly mark out this part of Lathom (which had to be done under Parish Council powers). They did not achieve Parish Council Status until 2007. From April 2003 to May 2007 SLRA attempted to deal with all the problems occurring in the area without the benefit of any legal status. SLRA continues to work for the area  to date. 

Why does the area still need a Residents’ Association, when we have a Parish Council?

The roles of a Residents’ Association and a Parish Council are complementary to each other. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and they do not compete with each other. A Residents’ Association is not bound by the same rules as a Parish Council; it can therefore act quickly and with relative freedom. Funding is voluntary and it can apply for grants and funds that are only available to voluntary organisations. A Residents’ Association can choose the population it represents, subject only to the informal consent of people living within the areas concerned. A Parish Council must act within its own area and may not expand it without permission. The strength of a Parish Council is that it is recognised as the basic layer of local government. It can raise funds through the parish precept and it has the option to exercise certain powers for the benefit of the whole community. It can apply to district council for capital grants (which they did for funding for the noticeboards and village signs). It must be consulted about planning matters in its area.

SLRA and Planning matters

SLRA have undertaken a huge amount of work on their Local Plan objection. Their objection can be seen here

SLRA response to the recent Wainhomes application  (houses to be accessed by Firswood Road) can be seen here

SLRA Achievements

SLRA has been hard at work on behalf of this community, making representations on many decisions for the area, they have won many battles and lost a few along the way (but not for the want of trying!). They have succeeded in many areas as follows:

  1. Creation of the Parish Council

  2. Residents who had lost LATHOM from their postal addresses now have it back

  3. They have waged war on litter

  4. The whole area now boasts swathes of daffodils after successful applications for grants

  5. The XL business park had outline planning permission before SLRA came into effect so it could not be stopped but much work was done to mitigate its effects. SLRA worked successfully with Asda and West Lancashire Council, to reduce noise from the Asda site. Asda installed electrically powered chillers, instead of all the diesel vehicle chillers which had been causing overnight droning noises. The company erected an acoustic fence to deal with other noise.  The  combined cost was well over half a million pounds. Residents across a wide area can now sleep much more peacefully

  6. Dealt with HGV issues around XL.  HGVs parked on local roads caused overnight noise with engines and chiller motors running. These vehicles were neither equipped with toilets nor litter bins which led to a particularly nasty type of littering of the area.

  7. SLRA pressed both Lancashire County Council and West Lancashire District Council to prepare a planting and maintenance scheme for the roundabout at Spa Lane/Statham Road which was an eyesore.

  8. SLRA is working as part of the Police Ringmaster System which informs residents of problems/scams in their area. They pass information by Email (and sometimes by phone) if you have an Email address (or phone number) and want to be kept informed, please contact the Secretary (see details below). We have a good relationship with our local ‘bobbies’ and can contact them by mobile phone or Email.

There have been other successes as well and efforts must continue if we are to maintain what is left of our green and pleasant area. SLRA work on the principle of helping residents to help themselves. If you need to contact us about something you need help with, have information or think that you can help us, please telephone Roger Clayton (Secretary) on 01695 731335 or email:

There are some good pictures taken of SLRA bulb planting in the photo gallery and who can forget the coffin labelled the "Death of Rural Lathom" and all those banners and signs in gardens "Protect Rural Lathom" or "Keep Lathom Green" which were used to such good purpose. They were draped around roundabouts as the Inspector travelled to the local inquiry, they were hung in prominent places when he conducted his site visits. The residents response and turn out at the local inquiry was magnificent. As was there attendance at planning meetings to protest about warehouse planning applications. Click here to view

SLRA Committee Members

Paul Dickie            Chairman

Roger Clayton       Secretary

Marie Burns

Bob Coventry

Robbie Burns